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Winter Guard International (WGI)

Right now we are well into the Winter Ensemble season.  Coming up soon are WGI Regional Championships, some of which will feature some top units from the state of Pennsylvania.


The names of each regional PA units are attending are listed.  Click on each regional to find what units are going to attend.  Then try to get to a local regional to support your PA guard and percussion units.

February 25-26 Trenton, NJ Regional (Mid-Atlantic Power Regional)

March 4-5 Dayton, OH

March 11 Richmond, VA

March 18 Syracuse, NY (Guard Regional)

March 18 Philadelphia, PA (Percussion Regional)

March 25-26 Nashville, TN (Mid-South Power Regional)

April 1 Indianapolis, IN

April 6-8 Dayton, OH (Guard World Championships)

April 20-22 Dayton, OH (Percussion World Championships)

Below is a Link to WGI's Homepage...



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