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PA Bands

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Pabands Merchandise

As of now, there are no Pabands merchandise available. Though in the future we(the moderators) hope to make many Pabands items available to you.
~Pabands hat(s) with designer logo
~Pabands T-Shirt(s) with designer logo
~Pabands Rubber Braclet(s)
~Pabands car Magnet(s)
~Pabands pin(s) for varsity jacket
*Custum items will cost a little more. Listed Custumizable merchandise Below:
-Your H.S. marching band imprinted on the back of T-shirt
-Your H.S. marching band imprinted on right sleeve of  T-shirt
*Note these items are not available to you yet, though if you have any questions, feel free to email the webmaster at Also please make the Subject: of your e-mail Merchandise.
Pabands Webmaster


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